The integrated and reliable National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA) system handles the safe and secure collection and distribution of consumer funds to creditors. This allows Debt Counsellors to focus on their consumers’ financial journey by offering support and assistance.

Services offered

  • A choice of different collection methods – the NPDA prefers payroll deductions and stop orders as primary collection methods, as our experience indicates that these methods yield greater collection success.
  • A specialised Collection Department to assist the Debt Counsellors contact defaulting consumers on a monthly basis with the objective of increasing after-care monthly income.
  • The NPDA manages failures and returns from creditors, and keeps the Debt Counsellor constantly updated.
  • All queries are logged and monitored via a web-based CRM system to ensure accurate records are maintained and timeous resolution of queries is achieved.
  • One central point of contact with the Debt Counsellor and or his team, to enable faster turnaround times on queries.
  • Various management reports are available to the Debt Counsellor in order to create more efficiency within the Debt Counselling organization.
  • A national representation with availability to assist telephonically or on-site.
  • Increase your revenue by up to 32% with the DCM Partnership Programme
  • Several payment collection methods are available including AEDO (authenticated early debit order) and NAEDO (non-authenticated early debit order). Both AEDO and NAEDO transactions cater for the tracking of funds.
More on AEDO

AEDO is a terminal based solution that enables a merchant to load future-dated, recurring (12 months) and irreversible debit order transactions on a 3rd party’s account.  The consumer authorises the transaction with their PIN, when their debit card is swiped. Terminals can be fixed or portable and are ideal for Debt Counsellors who see their consumers face-to-face.


  • 85% success rate on collections
  • 3-day tracking of available funds, based on pay date
  • Set-up a recurring debit order for a pre-defined amount for a period of 12 months
  • Swipe amounts up to R10,000.00
  • Collection cannot be disputed by the client
  • More beneficial for DC’s who have face-to-face consultations
More on NAEDO

NAEDO is a debit order collection system that allows you to process your debits closer to the salary payment window, thereby improving the likelihood of successful collections. NAEDO transactions have a tracking mechanism to facilitate striking only when the account holder has adequate funds in their account, and once processed, are difficult to reverse. However, they may be disputed if there is no mandate in place. What type of transactions can be processed through NAEDO NAEDO debit order collections allow for collecting up to R10,000.00 per debit instruction. They run in a preferential, randomised manner before the standard EFT debit order run.


  • NAEDO transactions are more successful than ordinary debit orders
  • Allows for the tracking of funds, based on a pre-defined number of days, up to a 32-day period.
  • Swipe amounts up to R10,000.00
  • Money distributes quicker than ordinary debit orders, 4 – 5 days
  • Collection is difficult to dispute
  • Ideal for Debt Counsellors who don’t see consumers face-to-face


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