Care Premier

care-premier-01Award Winning Care Premier is the software system used by most accredited Debt Counsellors in South Africa. It provides accredited Debt Counsellors with the ultimate practice management solution which streamlines the debt review administrative processes, decreases workload and increases productivity.

At DCM our service offering goes beyond providing only the Debt Counselling software and associated services. We believe in an integrated solution through support and training to better service Debt Counsellors to perform at their optimal.

The benefits of Care Premier include the following:

  • Web-based solution which is accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Set up your own hierarchy within your business, control user access and assign debt review clients to particular users in your practice.
  • Personal diaries for users listing individual tasks, system generated debt review-specific tasks and warning messages so timelines are followed.
  • Debt Counsellors can select preferred communication method for themselves as well as their debt review clients.
  • Consumers receive monthly statements electronically by email.
  • All debt review client documentation can be scanned and saved to the system electronically.
  • All Care Premier documents are populated with the Debt Counsellor’s electronic signature which can then be forwarded to creditors at the click of a button and saved on the system.
  • Care Premier can calculate and generate multiple payment plans for Debt Counsellors to present to debt review clients, allowing both parties to make informed decisions regarding repayment amounts and terms. One of the plans includes the Debt Counselling Rules System (DCRS).
  • Provides Debt Counsellors with pre-populated NCA documents and reports, for example Form 42 and court documentation.
  • Automatic validation of debt review clients’ bank account numbers as they are uploaded therefore ensuring prompt and accurate payments.
  • Payment distribution agency or system related queries are logged via an electronic CRM system enabling Debt Counsellors to track and monitor all queries.
  • System assistance and support provided telephonically via the Customer Assist Support Services.

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