The DCM Group helps over-indebted consumers resolve their problem debt, in a way that enhances their future financial wellbeing. Solutions take into consideration the need for individuals to have enough money for their daily living expenses without negatively prejudicing their credit records. We take a holistic view working with all the industry stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for all.

Debt – What you need to know

Quick tips and videos about debt

  • What is debt? Click here to watch the video on What is debt.
  • You must always pay your monthly instalment when you are under debt review – Never miss a payment so you and your assets can stay protected.
  • When you are under debt review you cannot apply for more credit. If a creditor gives you credit, that is deemed reckless lending.

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People we’ve helped

In the midst of the current focus on debt counselling, some of which in all honesty is negative, it is refreshing to hear the story of a client who, having completed the process is now reaping the rewards.

There is no doubt that some things are worth the sacrifice and the client ‘in this case cannot say enough about how it feels, even going so far as quoting Nelson Mandela in an email received, after being issued with his final clearance certificate.

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